What is Excalibur Auditing?

Excalibur is that body of technology developed by Captain Bill Robertson, at the instruction of L Ron Hubbard and under his guidance, it’s purpose being to terminatedly deal with the band of case, described by David Mayo (Snr CS Int 1970 to 1983) as the NOTS case.
There are many reports of issues supposedly handled with this early Mayo Technique, actually returning later to trouble those who thought the auditing they had had delivered was a permanent solution!
Mayo acknowledged that his joint development with LRH was in fact an assist process, designed primarily to help LRH with some physical issues he was experiencing during that period. This assist process was later turned into OT 5 and OT 7 replacing the original OT5 and OT7 as issued by LRH, although no instruction to do such a thing was ever seen by the Public at that time as originating from LRH.
The above tells you that we are dealing with a case issue that one would place in the field of Dianetics. In fact the acronym NOTS stands for New Era Dianetics for OT’s.
So one may ask “what’s the difference?”
For those of you who have had Mayo’s assist auditing, either audited or solo, you will immediately also understand that the structure of any bank is to accumulate chains of incidents, each chain having some similarity between incidents and running down to a BASIC INCIDENT. When dealing with the mind the correct procedure is to track back on a particular chain until the basic incident is contacted and erased, thereby erasing permanently an unwanted case issue. If persons who have had this Mayo technique report returning case, then clearly basic is NOT being discovered or erased as it should be.
This is where Excalibur deals with the problem permanently, by erasing this huge section of case on the way to a state of “Cause Over Life.” This is because Excalibur is designed to apply Dianetic technique, as originally envisioned by LRH in the standard tech he developed, for advanced cases, thereby leading to ERASURE of the specific item being handled on a suitably prepared person.
Makes sense if you look at it logically. It is vital to deal with this band of case if one is going to arrive at a true state where one is Cause over Life.
Many have already travelled this route and they now form the backbone of a vast organisation of individuals pursuing the goals of an enhanced and enlightened state of being. It’s not a theory; it’s being applied all over the world wherever there is free practise of the technology that our Founder, L Ron Hubbard, devoted his life to creating.
The question is whether you will avail yourself of this opportunity to correctly audit yourself through this major barrier to a state beyond what you have experienced before.

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What did LRH say about the above level of case?

Here is a reference that you will find interesting Anatomy of the Theta Body, an LRH lecture 16 April 1952

We’re looking at theta bodies in their essence. …I want to drive this home very thoroughly, is there’s nothing strange about a theta body. You walk with them, you talk with them, you are them. Because a human being… is a composite of these bodies.
…the theta bodies themselves were very, very tricky to handle and one had to find out several things about them. …are there such things as demons, idle spirits, devils, any one of those things, or are they just psychotics, or what? The psychotic theta body is what we call demons…
Now, let’s call these remaining theta bodies, souls. …you don’t like that word? … let’s call them entities. They are actually – have been gathered up in groups.
And it actually can get down to a point where the composite you… can actually be influenced by thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of theta lines which you have picked up…
You’ve got a whole series of these now, because these, by the way, have not walked in – these have not walked in unbidden. They are actually – have been gathered up in groups.
“Now those come in on the individual – they come in on the individual, but not unbidden. He asked for them. Or one of his entities asked for them, authorizedly or unauthorizedly, out of a compulsion to join up.
Therefore, you have this stack that looks like this. First there’s the theta being. Now, it has co-mingled in company, but hasn’t co-mingled in identity, with a second being. Now, this other being is pretty senior and probably won’t leave.
These two then have added to them these entities, one after the other. And these entities, in turn, have enough compulsion on them to add in even more beings, so that you eventually wind up with a very large number.
How to Search for Incidents on the Track, Part I an LRH lecture 16 April 1952 –
LRH: Who’s holding that one?
PC: (pause) I don’t know.
Demo: Theta Body Demonstration, an LRH lecture 16 April 1952 –
LRH: Which one was responsible for holding them in?
PC: What I got is center.
The above tape references have not been made known to people on OT 7 inside the Church.
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