About Us

IMPORTANT NOTE: This website, Excal.Org has no affiliation with the church of Scientology. It is supported by a group of Independent Scientologists who are 100% pro LRH and his Technology and makes every effort to ensure that anything you find published here will have been taken from the era prior to the gross alteration of original LRH works that took place after the early eighties.

What is being accomplished

Over the years many on the OT levels have found that the actions they have been auditing on for years and years is somewhat like picking leaves off a tree. Sooner or later the leaves grow back, and true erasure is not achieved. Many have given up on their bridge progress entirely because of this phenomena. But all is not lost and there is hope for those who feel “hopeless”
Because this is where Excalibur deals with the problem permanently, by erasing this huge section of case on the way to a state of “Cause Over Life.” This is because Excalibur is designed to apply Dianetic technique, as originally envisioned by LRH in the standard tech he developed, for advanced cases, thereby leading to ERASURE of the specific item being handled on a suitably prepared person.

How we work

Captain Bill Robertson has stated very emphatically … “First of all, I would like to acknowledge LRH and thank him very much for the knowledge and technology that we have that can be used and has been used to handle all these upper levels. There is no “new technology” needed, it’s just applying what you have in the Technology”.
We can set you up and then Train and Assist you to move up into and through the uppers levels of OT. The wins to be achieved in these levels are phenomenal! 

Listen to the wins from those who are well on their way!

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